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"Let's Get Started" Evaluation Grant

"I have a barn but I don't know if it is worth saving." We hear this statement many times. Or, this one, "My barn is in desperate need of repairs but I don't know where to start." This is what the Evaluation Grant is all about. The awarded grantee will receive an evaluation and a priority list of repair needs created by an experienced preservation contractor.

This annual grant of $500 is intended to provide 50% of the cost of a structural analysis and repair prioritization list of one barn. The evaluation report would serve as a first step to rehabilitation.

The grant funds are made available from the interest earned on the KBA Sally Dorr Hatcher Endowment Fund established in 2012. After a few years of fundraising through book, coffee and video sales, and generous donations, the board was able to reach their goal of $10,000. They were able to establish the Endowment Fund with the Central Kansas Community Foundation and the fund is now over $14,000. It is our hope to grow the Endowment and create more grants to Save Kansas Barns.

The application can be downloaded below or contact: kansasbarns@gmail.com for a copy.

The next application deadline will be July 15, 2019

NOTE: In partnership with the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council, the Kansas Barn Alliance "Let's Get Started" Evaluation Grant funds for 2020 have been awarded for barns located in Douglas County.

Please check back on our website in 2021 for Barn Evaluation Grant funds availability.

Download Application: PDF  |  Word Doc

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