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"Let's Get Started" Evaluation Grant

"I have a barn but I don't know if it is worth saving." We hear this statement many times. Or, this one, "My barn is in desperate need of repairs but I don't know where to start." This is what the Evaluation Grant is all about. The awarded grantee will receive an evaluation and a priority list of repair needs created by an experienced preservation contractor.

This annual grant of $500 is intended to provide 50% of the cost of a structural analysis and repair prioritization list of one barn. The evaluation report would serve as a first step to rehabilitation.

The grant funds are made available from the interest earned on the KBA Sally Dorr Hatcher Endowment Fund established in 2012. After a few years of fundraising through book, coffee and video sales, and generous donations, the board was able to reach their goal of $10,000. They were able to establish the Endowment Fund with the Central Kansas Community Foundation and the fund is now over $14,000. It is our hope to grow the Endowment and create more grants to Save Kansas Barns.

The application can be downloaded below or contact: kansasbarns@gmail.com for a copy.

The next application deadline will be July 15, 2021

Download Application: PDF  |  Word Doc

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